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Saturday, April 24, 2010


It took 3 years to get to 30,000 hits, and that was just a couple/few months ago, and now the blog is up to 50,000 already! And these are actual hits, not pageloads and Google image searches etc.

Thanks to all my followers and readers for making my blog worth something. I'm thinking about holding a contest of some sort for when I hit 100,000. Any ideas for a competition? Prize? Maybe I could paint up a mini as a prize?

Well, I'll have a few months to think about it.

Project update: Next gladiator is sitting on the table, another noxii. I also started painting my Drac Mac Syro (out of turn, but I've been eager to get him painted up- I have a theme/idea for him.)
Everything else that was shown in my "overstretched" post has been primed and now sit waiting on the table. I want to get it all done before May when Reaper releases its little mousling figures which I may have a go at.


  1. Cool! Congrats on such a number! I'm not suprised really. You have regular updates full of fun an interesting content. What more could we want? :)

    Incidentally, how do you track it? I've just been looking at my blogger account and can't find any stats on it. Do you have to enable a hit counter yourself? Maybe I'm just dumb/blind and can't find it. :/

  2. I use an independent company ( It's a free service you can add to your blog. I can track how many hits I'm getting, where they are coming from (IPs, websites, states, countries, cities etc.) I can get a breakdown of how many people are visiting from each of those different locations, as well as how long people are staying and which of my posts they are looking at. That's just a few things I can keep track of.

    I'm not sure if Blogger has its own hit counter yet.