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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some older figures and another "first"

Josiah made a good point, my last few post were picture-free. So here are a few pics of older figures of mine. Included are the rest of my Reaper highlanders (I have previously posted a pic of a few of them, but not all); a few figures from my Confrontation barbarian warband which marks the first (and only) time I tried nonmetallic metal painting. (Those French certainly showed us some new stuff back then, in painting AND sculpting.)

The First: And I've also included a photo of the general of my Warhammer Empire army. Now this isn't the first figure I've ever painted, but it is the first figure I've ever painted with acrylic paints. My first figures were painted with enamels. Ugh- I'm glad I discovered acrylics. This IS the original paint job I put on him, too -- 20-years-old this year, actually. He was in line to be repainted with the rest of the army, but I've decided to keep the original paint on him for nostalgia. He sits in his own little display area away from the other figures.

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