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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

54mm gladiators: New recruits for the ludis

I got my latest batch of gladiators, and here's what I have planned for them:

1: This is the figure (originally a murmillo) that I plan on converting into that murmillo-secutor hybrid I talked about a few posts ago. You can't see it in this pic, but I've already began converting the helmet by filing away much of the "face" area, leaving the centerline alone, thus extending the crest all the way down the front.
I'll also be sawing off his right arm (highlighted in green) and swapping it with the arm of the hoplomachus (No. 2) mostly to benefit the hoplomachus who I think has a bit of a static pose. Luckily, the hoplomachus's arm is already separate, so I only need to saw off one piece total.

2: This hoplomachus will be trading in his spear for a gladius so that he can be a thraex. I have at least one of every gladiator type (even retiarius which I'll be getting to) except the thraex (my favorite class), until, that is, this hoplon gets his new armament.
I will also file away as much of his old, small round shield away and replace it with a new shield- something more thraex-friendly. The new shield should technically be square, but I may keep the one shown in the pic- not square, not small, but it's not a full scutum either. Nothing wrong with a little artistic license.

3: This figure I purchased because I wanted to have some fun (that is, even MORE fun than I'm already having with this gladiator project): Remember the big beardy bondi from Foundry's viking range? I'm doing that to this guy. (In the Foundry link, you'll see the big beardy bondi in the lower right corner.) I won't go hog-wild with the greenstuff, but I'll certainly add more beard and hair that is currently on the figure, I'm not sure how much, let's just see what happens.
He'll also keep the axe, but will get the slightly larger axe head shown (as well as a new brass rod handle.)

4: This one I purchased just so I could have another noxii to throw into the arena. I also got him so I could practice a bunch of woad, Celt tattoos which I also plan to paint on the last figure in the image (No. 5).

5: This figure, like No. 1, will also have some extensive conversion work. His thrusting sword will be cut off and the hand drilled out and filed before being given a new net! I'll have the net behind his body instead of being cast forward, simply to reduce the figure's footprint.
Thank you, Josiah, for the medical gauze idea- It worked! You'll notice the new net sitting next to the figure.
The retiarius's other hand (shown separate) will have the sword removed and replaced with another custom-made trident. He will be holding the trident across his body, aimed at the enemy, so that I can use the belly as a second gluing point. (and it makes sense that he'd have it pointed in the direction of the net attack anyway.)
After all that is done, I need to make his some quilted armor and a galerus (shoulder plate) for his net arm. I haven't made a galerus before, so the one that turns out will probably be quite simplified.
As for paint, this figure will be compadres with No. 4, so he'll also be getting the celtic woad tattoo treatment.

So, yes, a lot of work needs to be done before I can even prime these guys. I'll get started tonight and get some work in on them Friday night, but I'm not sure how long it will be until I've finished the conversion and assembly. Dang, I can't wait to put a big-ass beard on the one fella.


  1. Glad I could help! Can't wait to see these all painted up pretty!

  2. Please... just stop it. I'm working my ar** off trying to paint the mountain of WW2 stuff I have and here you are tempting me with this... this... amazing stuff.

    I just can't start a whole new scale... then again gladiators don't need too much in the way of terrain so it's just the miniatures...

    Ahhh see what you've done now. I'm going to get in so much trouble for this.

    [Great work though :)]

  3. Timbo- really, all you need is 4-8 gladiators to have enough of a collection to play most rule sets. And if you're just displaying them, all you need is two :)