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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Memory lane ramblings

I just had a look through old posts (into October '09). It was nice looking at stuff and thinking to my self, "Hey, I remember painting that one. I wonder why I stopped doing those?"

The samurai were painted just two months ago and not a thought has entered my head to go back, order up and paint some more (though I still may get some more when Steve sculpts some new ones.)

Then there were the Games Workshop sculpts (and then there still are some primed/unpainted Games Workshop sculpts.)

A few Reaper and Heresy fantasy figures here and there between larger projects.

Some folks specialize and paint one genre, one time period, one army. Sometimes I wish I had that kind of focus and patience, but I like a little variety as time goes on. I have a bunch of figures I'll never do anything with, and a general unwillingness to part with them, but I keep buying and painting more even as I look at the older ones and think, "Why on earth did I buy those??"

On some days, I'll look at my collections and wonder, if I could only keep one collection (genre/time period), which would it be? Of course, it's always whatever current project I'm working on (If I could only keep one collection, it would be my gladiators.) But I think about it and then modify my question: If I could only keep THREE collections? or four?

I HAVE given up collections before: In high school, I gave (sold) a friend my Warhammer 40K army to help pay for my new Warhammer fantasy army. And when I got into 40mm old west figures (for playing Gutshot), I sold off my 28mm old west figures.

Perhaps I should change my question: Which of my collections am I willing to give up? Ah, that's a more liberating question.

Perhaps my gladiators: My 28mm Foundry gladiators.


  1. What would said Gladiators go for?

  2. Hmmm, I haven't thought about price- or whether they'd go singly or in sets. I forget how many I have, and what state they are in (Some I had began repainting some time last year.)

    But, I'm gonna dig them out sometime soon and take stock and figure out how much they are worth to me.

  3. That would be like asking me what books I would sell, or what cookies I would ban in my house. It won't happen.