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Sunday, July 18, 2010

54mm: Coming of the Cimmerian

I was rummaging through the bits box and found a small tub of weapons. Among them was this short sword, one of the weapons favored by Conan the Cimmerian. Well, shoot, the sword fit in this figure's hand so well, I just had to make the decision to turn this fellow into the iconic barbarian instead of a Waiteri tribesman.

This will be a nice diversion from the prehistorics. I'm not quite sure what my barbarian will be wearing yet. I'm rereading the original Howard stories right now, and I think I will choose a specific story to model this figure after. My favorite Conan tale is "Beyond the Black River," but I may choose something else- something more iconic: Bare-chested, leather breeks, belt or sash, no scabbard- most stories mention him keeping his weapons tucked in his belt (or sash.) There are lots of good options.

One thing I didn't know: Conan has a hairy chest. It's mentioned only once, and quickly in "Hour of the Dragon." I'm not quite sure how I'll model this yet -- another small, welcomed challenge. Then again, he wasn't always barechested.

I guess I'll redouble my reading efforts and see what I can find.

What will I do with this figure? Nothing, he'll just be a display piece. Maybe, if he turns out nice, I'll order some more figures and have a small group of figures from Conan's world, enough to do a few small and highly-detailed skirmishes. Bronze Age figures will fit the bill as usual! Hey, and I'll have an excuse to get some of those seductive generic babes :) (What, you haven't seen them? I'm posting the link to Bronze Age because I'm trying to share something I like with you all- go take a look! :) Bronze Age has entire harems at 32mm!

Oh yeah, I already have a giant snake, too. Ummm, not trying to sound dirty following the mention of harem; I actually have a giant snake I made with Sculpey. Plenty of those in Conan stories.


  1. Conan's hairy chest is mentioned in "Xuthal of the Dusk" ("His hairy breast, glistening with sweat and blood, heaved with his panting...") too. It's understandable people could miss the references the first time around.

    Looking good so far!

  2. Well that cinches it: Hairy chest then.

    Thanks for the note (And Xuthal is one of my fav Conan stories!)

    I haven't been able to find a good combination of clothing and weaponry after skimming a few stories last night. So I may just take a little from here and there.

    I'll keep reading....

  3. As long as you don't go for the fur nappy, I'm sure it'll be cool.