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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

54mm Waiteri scout, and my Conan

It's been one of those weeks at work, so I haven't got a lot of work done on the figures. I did get little finished, though. On the left is another scout for my Waiteri tribe. This is the same figure as the fire maker. It seemed natural to give this figure a spear. I gave him longer leggings to help protect his legs during his long journey through the woods. He also has a small packroll and a bundle of kindling. The kindling is bound with rope made from copper wire that has been twisted using a power drill; my dad had a bunch he gave me- thanks, Dad!

At the right is my Conan. I've settled on a simple Conan for now (I can do a more complicated one later). Still, this is a classic view of the barbarian. I selected "Tower of the Elephant" for my version of Conan. He's younger, and wears only a loincloth, a belt with a scabbard and his sword. Before beginning his adventure over the walls, he has gotten rid of his old, torn tunic. Later, after meeting Taurus, he took off his high-strapped sandals. Here is that Conan, sometime after ascending the tower -- perhaps at the very moment he meets the creature of Yag and learns of the true nature of the world? Or maybe just before the creature gives one final mission to Conan before his bloody deed? (I'm trying to keep it all mysterious, so you all go read the story. Read the Robert E. Howard version, not the Sprague D. Campe.)

Anyway, Conan. Yes. I like this figure. The loin cloth wasn't too hard to make. The scabbard and belt were a little more difficult, trying to keep the belt uniform. I flattened some green stuff and then cut straps into it. I let it partially cure before pulling on of the straps out to wrap around Conan's waist as a sword belt. The scabbard I simply cut out of some fully cured greens stuff. I added simple "dimpled" buckles for the belt and scabbard (as a basic decoration.)
I've been advised by a few members of the hobby community to avoid trying to sculpt chest hair, and that my best bet would be to try to paint the hair on if at all. If it doesn't work, this is a younger Conan, so maybe I can just avoid th chest hair all together.

So, I made a list of Conan characters -- Belit, Valeria, assorted wizards, warlocks and sorcerers, Picts, warriors of Kush, Stygians etc etc. It would make for a vast and nice collection of 54mm figures. I'll have to think about it. For now, I need to concentrate on finishing my Waiteri tribe.


  1. Looking good so far: sometimes the simplest is the best. A loincloth or breeks would've been the best choice for the figure anyway, since it'd be a waste to cover the sculpted muscles in mail or clothing.

    According to REH in the P.S. Miller letter, Conan was about 17 during "The Tower of the Elephant," so I think you can get away without the chest hair. "Xuthal" seems to have been set during Conan's "grizzled mercenary" period, and The Hour of the Dragon obviously much later, so one might be able to chalk it up to simple youthful hairlessness.

    Good list so far: can't wait to see your take on Belit and Valeria in particular.

  2. Thanks for the research to help enable my laziness :) It's good to hear from another Conan fan here.

    I think the next character would be Belit (along with a couple of her warriors.) If I do Valeria, I would do another version of Conan to better fit the story (Red Nails, another good'un!)

    Hmmm, maybe I could do some sculpts of characters from one story? Red Nails would be a good one (Conan, Valeria, the warriors of Tecuhltli and Xotalanc), so would Beyond the Black River (Conan, Balthus ((and the dog)), Zogar Sag, Picts) ... Oh, brain, must focus on current project.