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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rackham Confrontation: Kyran the Hunter

Here's one of the last Confrontation Kelt figures I ever bought (before Rackham went Kablooey.) His old paint job was fine, but I wanted to rebase him to use in D&D as a shaman. I figured as long as I was tearing up his old base for a new landscaped base, I might as well repaint him, too.
He will go along with my new Drac Mac Syro, as well as a few other Rackham Kelts I'm repainting in between projects. These could make some decent Dark Sun figures (if you're not too particular that Drac's sword is metal- even if it is rusted.)
Small thing I just noticed: I forgot to paint the little earing on the wildcat's ear. That fix will take all of 2 minutes.

He went relatively fast, sort of. I assembled the base a few months ago. Painted the rocks a few weeks after that, added some grass a few weeks after that, painted the skin at the beginning of this week, and finished up everything else this evening. Sometimes one figure paints up over the months such as Kyran here, and sometimes a small tribe can be painted up in one month, such as my Waiteri tribe. I love them all, though.

Well, I guess I'll have to go rootin' through the lead mountain to see what else to paint. It's been a while since I haven't had anything new to paint. I guess I could start on another Kelt.

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  1. Once again, I am so impressed with your painting ability. Thanks for posting.