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Monday, August 9, 2010

54mm Conan the Cimmerian

I finished up my 54mm Conan. Until I do up some more Hyborean characters, I'll simply add this figure against the ranks of my Waiteri tribe, who can double as Picts. The Bronze Age generic figure I used for this Conan figure is the same I used for my Waiteri chief (just to give you an idea of the different things you can do with the same starting figure.) With green stuff, I added the hair, loin cloth, belt and scabbard. The short sword is from a Reaper Miniatures weapons pack. The base is a poker chip with flagstones carved out of green stuff.

This Conan is just another in a line of figures I've painted up for my favorite fantasy, literary hero. The Drac Mac Syro version (second from left) is probably still my favorite, though this latest Conan is probably the most accurate to the character on paper.

After the mammoth, after the Chronoscope figures, I'll see about doing some more Hyborean characters. I may also save that as a winter project (which is how my 42mm samurai project started.)


  1. Excellent brushwork on the 54mm Conan and an awsome collection of figures. Who make the other models btw?

  2. Oh yeah- I should have listed the models and manufacturers- well here goes: From left to right, they are Berserk Big Boris from Heresy (with greenstuff hair added); Drac Mac Syro from the Sessair clan of Rackham's Confrontation line; A 54mm generic model (54GENM 11) from Bronze Age Minatures with added greenstuff hair and Reaper Minis sword; Big Boris MK II from Heresy with added hair, loin cloth, cape from greenstuff, and a sword converted to be held point down; and Reaper Miniatures' Urich Adventuring Fighter (No. 3282).

  3. Nice work.

    I'd be interested in your recipe for the flesh colours you use. Any chance of a tutorial?


  4. I have one right here for ya:

  5. Love your blog. Found it searching for 54mm gladiators. Really tempted to try my own 54mm cavemen!

    I also have an unwanted 54mm Conan to add to your collection. Got him around 1981... Heritage maybe... but a nice figure.

    Please contact me if you're interested.

    kugelfang at

  6. I didn't know anyone made a 54mm Conan figure back in the day. Hmmm, I'll send you an e-mail here soon.

    Oh man, the cavemen were actually FUN to create, too. I'm thinking about getting some Bronze Age figures in the future to make my own 54mm gladiators. (Not that the Alpha Minis versions from Black Cat are bad- they're great.)