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Saturday, August 7, 2010

54mm Waiteri tribe: Atlatl hunter

Here is the last member of my tribe for the time being. With her, I have six hunters, six scouts, a shaman, firemaker, dog and the chief. I'll get some group photos when I finish basing the last couple of figures.

The atlatl here is actually made from one continuous piece of brass rod. The dart tip was hammered out and shaped before the rod was bent into shape. I filed away a bit of the brass where the handle meets the dart.

I guess this means it's time to start sculpting some mammoth. I'm gonna need to get psyched up for that.

Other news
I've received those Chronoscope figures. They look great! I'm eager to paint them. A small note: the metal Reaper used has some different qualities than usual. The metal seems stronger/more rigid, but takes filing and drilling very easily. These are good qualities, though the metal might be more brittle if I should need to bend any arms about. Maybe not? I don't want to test the metal's "bendy" strength with my new figures.

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