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Sunday, August 29, 2010

War Rocket:Comets of the 523rd

OK, so I jumped ahead a bit and painted up a couple quick Class I War Rocket ships, and oh boy... I haven't painted anything that small in a long while, and it wasn't too long ago that I was painting 54mm stuff. But it was fun, and the painting went fast. I wanted to test out a color combo before committing it to the rest of the squadron. I like it. I want to work on the gray a little bit -- give it a little more contrast without making it too much lighter. I also need to thin my paints out a bit; at this scale, it's real easy to get paint caked on obscuring detail.

The yellow is Foundry's Ochre 4a-C, and the gray is Foundry Charcoal Black 34B and C. I'm gonna look for a darker base gray, however. Also, I'll need a pattern to differentiate the crack pilots from the remainder of the Class I ships. I may do something as simple as paint the nosecones yellow.
All in all, a good start. I'm gonna go with this color combo.The gray represents the utilitarian nature of the squadron, while the yellow symbolizes their flashiness. All the Class I ships will have this pattern. I'm not sure what pattern the Class IIs will take yet. All in good time....

Quick comparison shot for Josiah (and others who may want to see the size of these ships):


  1. They look good. If I may make a request, I have no idea what scale these are and would be interested to see them next to something as a reference. No big deal if not. I'm still happy to see painted miniatures!

  2. From nosecone to booster, they measure about 1 1/8 inches long.

    The Class II figures (which I'll paint up after finishing my Chrono-etc figures) are about 2 inches in length. I don't have any of the larger ships yet.

    Hydra says all their ships are comparable to 6mm size figures.

    I'll go ahead and post a quick comparison shot at the end of this post soon, too.

  3. ah, just saw you posted the size comparison... thanks Carmen