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Thursday, September 9, 2010

54mm Waiteri tribe: A few group shots

Here are just a few shots of my Waiteri tribe. Until I finish my mammoth, I'll have the tribe hunt some dinosaurs (yeah, I know, a few years off course -- welcome to the lost world). I definitely have enough dinosaurs to keep the tribe busy. I believe this triceratops is from Schliech. Hmmm, lost world? I'll see how the sculpting of my female rocketeer goes. If it goes well, perhaps I can sculpt a few Victorian hunters and a few bearers to discover my Waiteri?

Yeah, maybe next year. For this scale, I still have a mammoth, the aforementioned rocketeer, and a few more Conan characters to sculpt (plus Jeff's Conan figure!) Then I have War Rocket ... What? Right away, sir!... That was Captain Sagan; I have to get back to work on the rocket ships.


  1. My God, did you freehand all those little 'cave painting deer' on the chieftain's cloak? Very nice work, man. :)

  2. That's a stunning display of beautifully painted miniatures!