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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Small batch of Chronoscope figures

Here are three more figures from Reaper Chronoscope: 50022, Reggie Van Zandt space marine (with the chain gun); 50175: “Torch” McHugh, IMEF Flame Thrower; and 50132 Jessica Blaze smuggler.

Not much to discuss with these figures. I tried a similar camo pattern on the chain gunner here as I did my first intergalactic marine. The base color is a reddish brown (started with a dark brown base and added a couple drybrushed coats of reds.)

I enjoyed painting Torch McHugh and Jessica Blaze, trying out some brighter color combinations. I have one Chronoscope figure left yet to paint. Once he is finished, I hae a big batch of figures I need to varnish (including my 54mm Waiteri tribe!) The it's time to clear my table off, get some clean water for the brushes, dig out some files, pen vise and bases and get ready to put together my War Rocket squadron... and get Sculpey at Hobby Lobby! Must remind myself yet again.

Hmm, maybe I just need to set the mammoth aside, out of sight. In a few weeks, I'll spot it again and think, "Hey, THAT would be great to finish!" This tactic of self-baiting actually works for me. I started my Empire Galley one week, then set it aside. A few months later, I saw it, thought of the possibilities and launched into a blitz build-and-paint session with it. It took me a couple weeks of on-and-off work, but it turned out great.

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