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Saturday, September 11, 2010

War Rocket: Construction continues

"Rip Sagan, here. Construction on the squadron's new ships continues unabated. You can see here that the fellas couldn't even wait for a coat of paint before taking some of the ships out on a test flight. A minor operational note: All of my Class 2 ships have sideshow names (such as Bearded Lady, Aunt Sally and Freak Show), I've also named the fighters of each flight. We have the Elmers, Chumps, Rubes and Townies. I think you get the gist. Damn, I do miss a good county fair. Anyway, I'm gonna try to call the ships by their operational names from now on, so pay attention!"

Here you can also see some of the sensors and other additions *cough torpedoes* I have made in the back room of the factory. And I do apologize for the out of focused photographs here. No tripod and a damned eyepatch ( for which I have yet to talk to a Zenethian about) contribute to some damned crappy photography."

"Excuse me, Captain, but I can see the rods holding up your 'flying' ships."

"Everybody out! I'm about to give some damn flying lessons!!"

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