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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chronoscope figure (plus notes on other stuff)

So I was getting eager to get to War Rocket stuff, and wanted to get this figure finished. So I decided to try some fast-painting techniques: ink washes, simple brush strokes, three-color shading. The figure turned out ok; I wouldn't display him on the shelf as a regular piece, but he'll do great on the Doom board. It's not that the figure turned out all that bad, it's just that this is probably not a good sculpt to try to fast paint. The face was especially difficult to do because it is scrunched up, tiny and half buried in some of that shoulder armor.

If you want to give this figure a try (paint slow), this is Reaper Chronoscope figure No. 50112 Phat Clark gang boss.

So one project down and a other to go. I have another 54mm Conan figure sent to me by Jeff- THANKS, JEFF!!!! This is an actual Conan the Barbarian figure by Heritage from the early 1980s. I'm going to strip the paint, make a nice base, and try to take my time on this one when his time comes. I will keep his original sword; it's a little bent, but it's otherwise a solid blade for being lead. It's a nice little piece with a lot of great character. Don't worry, you'll all see it soon enough :)

Another 54mm sidenote: I almost forgot I had my female rocketeer. Hmm, I don't think I'm QUITE ready to finish her. Not that I lack drive, I just don't think I quite have the skill yet to do what I want to do with the figure.

That leaves me with War Rocket. And the final ships to complete my squadron are on their way! I'll have enough ships to model all 21 ships of the 523rd squadron -- that -- and I've figured out a solution to my 60-degree turning problem: I was looking for a simple solution that used the least resources to aid in the rotation of my brass-rod mounted ships.

I will use my lipped display bases, for a few reasons: The inset area will hold some greenstuff so that the brass rod has a little bit of material to grab when I glue it in; the bases have a slightly wider footprint and a lower center of gravity; and the bases come in different sizes to accommodate the different sizes of ships.

Next, I will simply (using geometry and sorcery) paint small pips at 60-degree intervals around the outside of the base- ta-da! That works, doesn't it? The nose of the ship will point between two pips. When the ships needs to rotate, the pips will provide a self-contained point of reference (I know, I know- so would a hex base- but I just don't like those hex bases for my ships, though I will probably use them for others things such as space torpedoes, satellites, hawkmen and such.) The pips will also aid in showing firing arcs.

Really, I wanted to use my display bases, and this provides what I think is the simplest (and cheapest) solution, and all it will take is a few dots of paint.

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