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Sunday, September 12, 2010

War Rocket: Freakshow and Aunt Sally

"Rip here. I just wanted to fill ya in on a couple minor details before the fleet heads to the paint factory. These two Class 2 ships are Freakshow and Aunt Sally. Freakshow is so named because he has had his nose chopped down to make way for a radar dish. Aunt Sally is named for the old carnival game. In the game, a figure of an old woman was set up with a clay pipe protruding from her mouth. Rubes would take turns throwing a ball or stick to try to break the clay pipe. This Class 2 is so named because she has the large stellar survey system slung under her chin, reminiscent of the clay pipe of old. Incidentally, Aunt Sally flies paired up with me and Bearded Lady. Ok, it's been a long day and I hear a rum and Coke calling my name. It's saying, 'Rip, you old sonofabitch, partake of some Sailor Jerry!' Who am I to say no?"

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