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Monday, June 13, 2011

Games Workshop Averland Halberdier

Well, that was fast. I guess I'll reiterate that these figures are incredibly easy to paint. I pulled another couple of my classic figures out of the box for painting (I think they're the last ones I have that are based on the 30mm lipped bases.)

I have a swordsman from Mordheim. He has a long cape I had added when I first started making greenstuff capes. I already have color ideas for him (nothing special, just some good military red and black and such.)

I also have another halberdier (more classic than even the figure in this post.) I'm not sure how I'll paint him, so I'll take suggestions as to which Empire province to paint him to represent.


  1. Ostermark, the yellow and purple go so well together and it will complement your averlander without being identical

  2. True, and I haven't been using many (any) purples lately, either.

  3. I think I have another halberdier somewhere on the shelf; I wouldn't mind doing another Nuln figure, just not right away after the gunner.