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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Qwik 54mm: Dirt Dog driver

Here's the next member of my Dirt Dog team. I painted him and the chainsaw driver at the same time, that's how I got this figure finished so fast. Since they were the same pose, I thought it would help the painting go as little faster.

I deliberately kept this sculpt more primitive. I want him to look more as if he's a replacement player for the team. Keeping him primitive helps me to connect him (somewhat) back to my Waiteri tribe, thus tying all of my 54mm figures together. I didn't want to paint him as a Waiteri because my Macello team is painted up in those very colors (tattoos,) and I don't want the players/teams to be confused during gameplay.

Nothing else of note on this figure to mention except that the spiked weapon head is from a Games Workshop orc.

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