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Monday, June 13, 2011

GW (Classic) Nuln Handgunner

Here's another of my old classic Games Workshop figures, a handgunner I painted up as a soldier of Nuln.
These figures are about the easiest I've painted in a long time. The plume and ribbons are Foundry Storm blue again. I forget what the browns were; I stacked layers from different Foundry palettes.

 I have a classic GW Empire halberdier on the table right now. I'm not sure which province I'll have him yet. I may just choose some colors and have a go. Though, it's been a LONG time since I've done anything for Averland (1993 in fact, when I first bought most of my Empire army.) And Foundry has a pretty good yellow (Yellow Ochre.)

I'll see how I feel after doing the halberdier. If I get the energy built up, I may try to get one of my halberdier regiments painted up to go along with my handgunner and crossbow regiments. I already have the flag and the captain finished up for one of the two halberdier regiments I have; it's just a matter of getting the rank and file troops started -- as well as trying to pull back how much detail I try to put into a figure so that it doesn't take me a month to finish the regiment.