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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Leonardo di Miragliano

This my all-time favorite sculpt from Games Workshop. Leonardo di Miragliano is obviously influenced by some Da Vinci fellow. The figure came with the original sculpt of the Empire's volley gun (along with a couple other nice figures that would compliment Leonardo's workshop if I were to build one- oh wait, I did (see below- something I whipped up a few years ago).

I used my favorite Foundry colors again, storm blue for the jacket, red oxide for the shirt sleeves (highlighted with some base spearshaft and even into a little bit of orange.)
The base is a 30mm slottabase on which I sculpted some tile using greenstuff.

Here's some old file pics of my watchtower which is topped with Leonardo's workshop (for the sharp-eyed, you'll find in the bottom pic a tiny painting of the Mona Lisa I did up.)


  1. just speechless...

    Stunning work

  2. I've always had a fondness towards GW:s civilian/baggage train characters. Mostly because I'm much more RP:er than a wargamer, but I've also felt that these figures were a relief valve for the sculptor between Handgunner #8 and #9, and it usually shows in the execution.

    Huh, I've must really been hiding under a rock, 'cause that must be the first time I've seen stairs constructed as a ramp. For me it's always been making steps big enough to fit a common basesize or just building stairs that look the part, but so small that figures actually can't be put on them. The ramp is a nice compromise, I think, between these options.

  3. Oh man- the baggage train! THAT'S a pack I miss, and that I may have to go looking for.

    Yeah, I've since learned to make decent stairs that look good, but have enough space between each step that I can slip the base into the space to lock it in a bit.

    If I ever get the energy, I may tear down these stairs/balcony and put up some new ones.