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Friday, June 24, 2011

Wasting time: Campaign map

Well, I figure a fun way to start an RSBS campaign in the post-apocalypse would be to make a map of the area where the pit fights (and some Jugger matches) take place. On my map, the "fringe of the empire" towns are north, getting nearer the "heart of the empire" as you track south (Teixeirum.)

Do you need a map to run an RSBS campaign? Absolutely not, but I needed to do something to waste time. Oh, and this was all done using some basic Photoshop tools.


  1. Holy $!%!, Carmen. That's a gorgeous map.

    "Just done with some simple Photoshop tools," eh? Yeah, those and a whole heap of artistic talent :-)

    If you have time, I'd LOVE to read a post explaining how you managed this map in some detail.

  2. Making maps is never a waste of time. Maps are cool and yours is no exception, very nice. Just getting to grips with PS so wouldn't mind a few tips too.

  3. I'd also be interested in a bit more detail of how you made the map. It's prety rockin. :)