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Monday, September 17, 2012

Coach Xeno Horror Q27-113 in the Ulysses Astrologue

Coach? Yes, coach Xeno Horror Q27 etc etc. I've backed the Dreadball Kickstarter, and one of the things the game will use is coaches (as in there'll be actual effects he can bring to the game.) I have nothing against the coach art concepts Mantic Games has come up with, I just enjoy making my own. And what better coach to get a team into shape than this aberration, who inspires well-executed plays and fewer dropped passes.

This figure started off as Dr. Hugh (II) from Heresy. I chopped his head and replaced it with tentacles much in the same way as I did my Nyarlathotep.

I also mounted this figure on one of my older Mantic 15mm bases. That way, the figure will fit into one of the hex bases that will come with the Dreadball game. (Whether the coach in the game actually needs a hex base doesn't matter to me; I'm just going to do it so he fits in better with the team.)


  1. Well that's certainly a different conversion of poor Doctor Hugh! I love the wild colours on the tentacles, they make him look "fun" without necessarily implying you take his evilness... less than seriously :) I don't know how tongue-in-cheek this game is supposed to be but if it's in the same vein as Blood Bowl this guy should fit perfectly.

  2. Wonderful, Utterly sanity blasting and wonderful!!