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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

You are under my spell; Ben Franklin wants to join Andy Hopp

Do not turn away! Look into my eyes ... you are getting sleepy- no wait, don't fall asleep, I need you to hear my message ... your mind is becoming compliant; it wishes to do my bidding ... Go to the Low Life kickstarter website and spend your money. Spend it. Spend it allllll.....

"But Carmen, I just spent my savings on Relic Knights and Reaper Bones."

Fie on little anime girls and vinyl monsters! Do you have children? Then I'm sure you have a college fund for them; they won't miss a hundred bucks. Spend it ... just a little ... they can miss a semester at Brown. Spend it all! Mwah HA HA HA!!!

The project is in its final days. If you want in on the weirdest miniatures you've ever seen, then the time is now ... now ... keep looking into my eyes ... spend your money on crazy minis ... drop a fat stack on a lead pile .. (I don't know, I heard that on the streets once.) Now, I will count to three and then snap my fingers, and you- ah nevermind.

I'm still thinking (just entertaining the notion) of pledging at the $500 level to create my own figure. If I did, I would create Carman the Cremefillian! Who scaled the Tower of the Plorp to learn its inner secrets. Who defied the Frosting Giants of the North. Who sacked the city of Delirium and who would become Creme King by his own hand. Thief, warrior, lover!

Now go and spend your money.
Click here,
 or here,
or here! They all go to the same place - mwahAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!

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