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Sunday, September 9, 2012


Maybe a touch expensive for my taste, but much too large to fit in my apartment, the Low Life miniatures Kickstarter has added this massive Cornthulu figure. The figure is over a foot tall. His price varies from $110 to $90 depending on if you're already at different funding levels at the KS site.

The other figure is my personal favorite, a cremefillian riding a mutant land fish. This figure will stand around 80mm tall (and aside from a couple dragons, will be the largest mini I'll have painted so far.) Hey, and he comes with a pile of dead fish! How many figures can claim that honor?

After Labor Day weekend, the project really got rolling; there are a lot of minis available now.

There are photos of two finished greens on the KS site. They look great (for what they are.) Certainly, they will be fun to paint. On top of that, Andy Hopp is working on a miniatures game that can use these figures (all the figures from this project will get stat cards that can be used in the upcoming game's own Kickstarter project.)

Me, I'm just getting them for their messed-up, imaginative styling. That and Andy is a crazy, loveable guy.

Take a look at the Low Life KS for more information. Just click on the Low Life pic at the top left of this page.

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