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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dread Ball: Creating team colors

While the Low Life Miniatures Kick Starter rolls merrily along, I decided to also back the Dread Ball game. I love Blood Bowl, but I read the rule design notes to Dread Ball, and Blood Bowl it is not. In fact, it seems to have made a bunch of improvements (or it at least does a few things differently.)

Anyway, my favorite part of any new minis is creating the world, or in the case of Dread Ball where the world already exist, creating a team. There's not a lot of fluff (ok, none at all) attached to any of these teams; they are just team colors and names for now.

From left to right, they are the IotaCom Rockets, The Bolide Boomers, The Moon Bay Hackers (a little tribute to my Blood Bowl team Bad Bay Hackers), and the GammaCorp Redshifters. I'm going to paint up two teams. One will be the IotaCom Rockets, but I'm not sure what the second team will be.

I'll also be receiving an orc team. I'm not sure what their main color will be, but they will get an ample coating of rust over it, so color may be irrelevant.

Note: The above team colors were done by downloading a pic of one of the Dread Ball figures, using Photoshop to remove the color, and then using the colorization feature to create the uniform colors.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm inclined to agree with you. I updated the pic with a couple minor additions to the Hackers and Redshifters.

  2. I went in on this too and am considering the mdf playfield as an add on. This and the reaper project have shoved me back into 28mm for quite a while!