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Monday, September 17, 2012

Vincarlo Orisini: Duelist

This is Reaper (Pathfinder) figure No. 60121 Vincarlo Orisini. I had been looking for a good fighter to use as a D&D character; I wanted something simpe - no armor, no backpack or adventuring gear, no ribbons, no random skull buckles or details or hats with feathers - just a man and his sword.

I kept the paint scheme simple to match the figure, though I did go with the red shirt to brighten him up a little. The figure started off with a broader sword blade (scabbard?), but I went ahead and clipped it away and replaced it with a more finessed rapier blade in a scabbard (made with a piece of brass rod). I did this mostly for strength. A lot of my figures that get used on the D&D table go back to the shelf with bent staffs, swords and spikes. Though, this figure will stay with me (the others are Jeff's, who runs the D&D games), so I'm not too concerned with wear and tear. Still, I like to play it safe with something I put my time into.

For the base, I used green stuff to fill in a lipped display base. Then I sculpted out a few flagstones bordering a planked floor, and accented the whole thing with a few patches of grass.

Low Life: Just a reminder, there are only a few days left on Low Life miniature's Kick Starter program. These figures aren't for everyone, but if you're a painter like me, then I think it'd do you good to grab a few of these (if not all of them) to throw under the brush. You cannot resist. Give in. Give in!


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks- it was nice to get back to painting something without any rust (I had been doing post-apoc stuff for a while.) I enjoyed painting this one a lot.

  2. Nice figure and the paintjob is excellent

  3. Red shirt???

    He's dead, Giacomo...

    1. :)

      Hey, there's a fun idea: Paint up a small fantasy party to "resemble" a Star Trek landing party (or "Away Team" in the new parlance.) So a couple red shirts, a puke yellow-shirted leader and his blue-shirted, pointy-eared elf adviser/second-in-command.

    2. Cleric in blue as well.