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Friday, October 25, 2013

54mm Machinas: Col. Jack's WIP

This one went together fast- mostly because I had the parts (snorkel, exhaust, guns) built before the car arrived. I still have a bunch of baggage to add to the back, but the build is otherwise finished.

Plenty of spare parts!
A minor problem I had with this car was the front axle had a little too much play to it, and the wheels were rubbing up against the chassis. I fixed this by adding some custom-built plastic spacers that hold the wheels in place.

I also pondered seeing if I could drop the body a bit for that custom, lead-sled look, but decided against it when I couldn't easily get the wheels off the axles (Maybe I could, but the wheels were plastic, and I was worried about breaking the hubs.)

I did gut the interior and made off with a nice pile of 54mm bits, including the better part of an engine. I'll probably add a blower to the engine and add it to my ram car (when I get a ram car, that is.) Not sure yet what to do with the seats, steering wheel and front bumper.

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