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Monday, October 21, 2013

Machinas, Also Reaper Bones

A couple things to show here. First off is my other 54mm/1:32 scale Machinas car, a 58 Ford Fairlane. I used (a lot of) green stuff to add the body work so I could fit the heavy flamethrower.

Since the hood would be permanently closed, I removed the engine. It's currently sitting in my bits box. Some of the extra plastic alongside the engine became a load of scrap metal for the trunk, next to the large fuel tanks.

And since the 1/32 scale version of this car had an open trunk, I chose to drop the flamethrower's fuel tank down into it. The tanks are simply some plastic tubing (from an assortment sold by Gale Force Nine.)

Something else to note: These vehicle are all made by a company called Arko. One of the minor cons is that the hoods/wind screens feel somewhat flimsy. To strengthen them, I disassembled the cars, turned them upside down and lined the inside of the hood/windscreen piece with a layer of two-part epoxy resin.

I plan on doing these in 1:32 scale. For the ram car, I will use a Crown Vic
instead of a DeSoto, and for the Runnin' Gunner (far right), I will use
a 55 Chevy instead of a 57.
I know I was going to wait before purchasing any new cars, but I figured it would be nice to have one to do during my vacation coming up in a week, so I purchased a '54 Chevy Bel Air (also by Arko). I can't wait to do this one, because it will become my new Col. Jack's Special- my personal favorite of my collection. I also plan on doing larger versions of my ram car and a simple rusty gunship (from my Running Gunners faction.)

Reaper Bones Griffon

To help me get through the crappy Bones figures, I'll randomly pull some of the better figures from Jeff's collection to paint up. This griffon was sweet (and easy) to paint. Not much to say about it. It was a bunch of layers of browns drybrushed on, the then beak and talons highlighted with some orange and ochres.


  1. Great stuff! The Griffon looks good!

  2. Fantastic! Love the rust effect on the cars...

  3. A fabulous work! Congratulation for him. A greeting.

  4. Ey, great work, the 1:32 cars has more work to do, but the results are really great, more details...
    I have started to make my own cars at 1:64. I would like you look them and give me any advice...


    1. Those look great! Is that a cannon in the back of the Ranchero?? If it is, I love it. Too many people (including me) forget that after the apocalypse, many weapons will be more primitive. That cannon reminds me of old (U.S.) Civil War rail cannons.

      But my favorite is your Charger. That off-center stripe just makes it all come together. Just a cool car.

      By the way, how do you strip the paint from your cars?

  5. Hi, thanks for the comment.
    I like the Charger too.
    And about the stripper of the paint... I saw it in a blog and I wanted to do it. Now I don't strip the paint in the new cars...