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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Machinas: Just another car

I was at Target picking up things I needed, and I walked through the toy aisle to get back to the front to pay. That's when I glanced over and saw this Hot Wheels Gasser (a type of drag racer) sitting on the racks. I had been looking for one for a few weeks but had given up on it.

The front end was already raised like that, doing half the work for me in making it look like it belongs in the apocalypse. Having the raised front was great; I could put on a spiked ram and still enjoy the retro grill.

This is my new favorite pure racer of my collection (ie, no baggage.) It has a fixed forward gun and the spiked ram.

The other car should look familiar to those of you following my Machinas collection. I wasn't happy with the sunset camouflage, so I primed over it again.

This time I let my friend Bryon select the color and paint it up. He chose up a nice classic red which works better than the other two original schemes I had on it.

Bryon also had the idea for the racing stripes on my gasser. I'm glad I put them on.


  1. Just anther GREAT car ! Love what you're doing with these diecast models.

  2. Nice rusty rat gasser. Great work.

  3. Great work and great results. You are an inspiration for me...