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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When "scale creep" becomes "scale zoom"

A little something I'm working on for this week. The pieces here are dry-fit, and the green stuff is curing. And yes, that's a 54mm scale figure next to the truck.

The hood doesn't lift, there's no engine detail, the bed has a cover that doesn't lift, and this pickup is the wrong model for the original 1/64 version I have. But you can't argue paying $6 for something that perfectly fits the scale and setting of my little post-apoc collection.

My big version won't look exactly like the smaller version, but it will still be in the same spirit. Part of my next 54mm order includes a figure I will convert into a Brother Pilot specifically for this pickup.

I'm not sure if I'll be doing any more vehicles this size. After some searching, there are indeed enough 1950s model vehicles for a Machinas race at 1:32 scale, but I have plenty of cars right now -- Maybe if I decided to sell my entire 1/64 collection. Until then, this pickup will be a nice piece of backdrop to my Qwik games and post-apoc gladiator matches.