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Monday, October 14, 2013

... Also some Zombicide survivors

I finished my first three survivors from Zombicide (I have Prison Outbreak and Toxic City Mall.) I'll only be painting the survivors, not the zombies. This serves three purposes: It will be easy (well, easiER) to see your character when the board gets cluttered with bodies; the zombies are a faceless horde anyway; and I will save a hell of a lot of time not having to paint a hundred figures.

And nope, I'm not even going to take time to drybrush, ink and speedpaint the zombies, because as simple as that method would be, I'd still have to do it a hundred times.
I'll probably also not paint the zombivors -- the one-colored pawns will be a nice transition from colorful characters to just another face in the crowd.

I love these sculpts. The detail is tiny, right down to the rhinestones on Grindlock's belt, but it is well-defined, so it's still easy to paint. There were some tiny mold lines, but they cleaned up easily with a knife despite being plastic figures. I salute whichever company casst these figures, and I hope to see more plastic figures of this quality.


  1. These survivors look great. Speed Paint Speed Paint Speed Paint You know you want to! It will start with the zombie specials then it will snowball from there :P

  2. Great work..whats this your going to play with unpainted figures.. the wargames gods will not be pleased :)
    Peace James

    1. I've appeased the painting gods plenty. I think they'll cut me some slack :)

  3. How about using the dip method for the zombies to give them some definition.