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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Brother Pilot

Here's a typical Brother Pilot from the world of Machinas. He's fitted with deliberately placed pieces of armor to protect his side from impacts during a race, and he is barefoot to get a better feel for the pedals and to have a tactile/ritualistic relationship with his blessed vehicle.

The Qwik team is also ready to be painted. The qwik (position player) is also fitted out as a Brother Pilot to fit the theme of the Vestal Mechanics, who also drive the Infernals. She has a helmet and armor on one side just as the Brother Pilot shown here. Though, she will have a little more color since she's playing on the juggers team and not racing in the more-religious Machinas Festival.

Just a reminder: I use Bronze Age Miniatures' generic range (along with green stuff and other bits) to make my figures. If you want to give some green stuff a try, but need a better starting off point than "from scratch," I recommend trying out your skills on one of these figures. Bronze Age also has a 32mm generic range.

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