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Monday, October 28, 2013

Qwik/Juggers team: Vestal Mechanics WIP (NSFW)

I've began work on my third juggers team for playing Two Hour Wargame's Qwik rules.
There is a decidedly "Brom" look to this all-female already, which is fine by me. It just means I can have a little more impractical nudity on the team (which I like more because it means less sculpting work for me.)

I think some will have armor up top and nothing below; some below but nothing on top, and maybe one will be wearing her helmet - nothing but her helmet (Ok, and boots.)

What does a Brother Pilot look like?

I've also started work on a Brother Pilot as a display model to stand next to the cars. But he will also serve perfectly as an alternate qwik (position player) for any of the teams I have.

 It took me a while to think of what a Brother Pilot would look like, but I came up with these basic rules:
- All Brother Pilots are bald to show that they are priests.
- It gets hot in the Infernals, so they wear no jackets, tunics or coats- only a simple shirt (or, in this case, no shirt.)
- Since the vehicles are left-side drivers, Brother Pilots wear various pieces of armor but only on their left side, to account for being slammed into the side of the car by bumps and jostles during a race.
-- The priests, to better "become one" with their cars, wear no footwear, preferring direct contact with their foot to the accelerator.
-- For the head, goggle and neckerchiefs are common, as are the occasional helmet (of various designs.)
-- Since the overall effect is for anonymity of the Brother Pilot, no identifying colors are used. Pants and neckerchiefs are made from raw material (wool, cotton, canvas or animal hide.)
-- Brother Pilots are allowed, though, to wear tattoos, but are restricted to designs that honor the vehicles driven and not the drivers. (The most common designs are inspired by the brand/model logos found on the vehicles.)

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