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Sunday, October 6, 2013

If you're zombie-lover ...

... or you just like horror figures in general, I recommend the All Things Zombie kickstarter which is under way.

I'm bringing this up because I noticed the project page was a little ways down on the the Tabletop Games category (and I didn't want anyone to miss it), but also because I'm just a big fan of Two Hour Wargames, which has some unique, versatile and fun rules mechanics.

Pledge levels include the All Things Zombie rules, cards and minis. There is also a level just for the minis. It looks like $50 will get you four survivors and 21 zeds- not too bad.

There are also other horror-related figures available: Vampire, werewolf, a human "caster" (which I might grab as another paranormal investigator to go with my Ghostbusters collection.)

Take a look. The goal is low and easily reachable. Ed also had an Indiegogo ATZ project (Final Fade Out was it?), which was successful and delivered on time! Can't say that about many crowdfunding projects :)

If you have a minute, take a look!

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  1. If the human caster is the guy in the trenchcoat, he's probably supposed to be very reminiscent of Harry Dresden... I like the guy in the sweater, I assume he's a vamp (or he's just angry that Starbucks put whole milk in his skinny latte again).