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Monday, June 22, 2009

Compromise Kjell

So, I DID like the monochromatic result, but I still wanted this Kjell to fit in with the other minis, so I decided to repaint. BUT, instead of repainting, I hit upon an idea: Instead of simply stripping and repainting or painting straight over the current paint job, I decided to glaze the whole figure. Glazing is taking watered down paint and applying a bunch of thin coats over the figure, one at a time.
I'm happy with the result. The colors are a bit washed out, so the figure holds an aura of "oldness" to it. I'm may try this technique again sometime.
The grass on the base needs a new color- I'll probably brown it up to make it dead grass.
Quick note: I'll have to post another pic later (after I've added some matte varnish.) There's still some sheen coming off the glazes (and a couple washes.) (oops, and I should rehighlight the teeth on the necklace, too.) Ahh, things you see in a photo that you can't see in front of your own eyes; I'm sure I'll find more :)

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  1. Hat's off to an awesome paint job (both versions!). The glazes are really effective. I’ll have to give this technique a go myself.