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Friday, June 19, 2009

Kjell Bloodbear: Alternate conversion

Here is a sword-and-board version of a figure I already own (Kjell Bloodbear). I got it for a couple reasons, one, for a new character for playing D&D (though I may alternate this figure and another I have ((Drac Mac Syro)) for playing my Conan-ish character (who will be less barbarian and more sneaky fighter this time around.)
The other reason I purchased this figure was to try out monochrome painting again. I've seen some excellent examples here and there, and I want to give it another try. I think I can do a fair job of it; my only concern is painting nmm (non-metalic metal for the uninitiated) on the sword and shield. I find nmm somewhat difficult with grays, tans, browns and yellows/golds at my fingertips, but I will only have brown and white with this monochrome project.
First thing's first, I have to make a base for him; I think I'll make it a stony base like the orginal.


  1. Are you willing to sell your "old" Kjell conversion (axe with shield)?

    I'm looking to get a gift for my husband! :D

  2. Actually, I think he'd like the "Sword and Board" version as well. Are you willing to part with either?


  3. Sorry, These are special to me. Not sentimental; I'm just a collector, and I prefer to keep unique pieces. BUT I'd at least be willing to show you how to do the conversion for either one. The sword and board was the easier to make. The axe was a bit more difficult,and I've forgotten where I go that axe blade from, but it's a similar conversion.

    You're the second person to ask if I'd sell this week ... maybe I should rethink what I'm doing :)

  4. Could you post the steps of the conversion? (sword and board)

  5. I've already started taking some pics for a conversion post; I'll try to post it Sunday or Monday.