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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Snakemen: Reaper No. 2498

Here's a couple snakemen I painted for a friend to add to his D&D stash. These were easy to paint and turned out well depsite being mostly drybrushed/overbrushed.
I started with dark green, drybrushed a medium green, added a dark brown ink wash, drybrushed light green. I added increasing amounts of a light tan to the light green for the skin tone, picking out highlights with the light tan straight from the jar. (I'm not referring to specific companys' colors here, because you can use whatever greens and tans you have- it all works.) I picked out (ie, didn't drybrush) details such as teeth, tongue, swords and eyes.
I still have a little flocking to do- but these are all right- I may have to pick up a couple for myself and try some proper snakeskin patterns.


  1. Very good, I like the simple painting style - well done.


  2. Thanks, Tony. I think the simple paint job worked also because these sculpts were designed well; every line and shape is defined well; the edges are sharp to take a good line of paint, and the crevices are deep, taking an ink wash easily.
    Sometimes it's the good sculpt that makes the painting look good.

  3. These look fab. I may have to get a few of these myself.