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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Reaper Lizardman Tyrant and War Crow samurai

I finished a couple more today. Reaper No. 2408 Lizardman Tyrant for Jeff and War Crow's Shinmen Tadaaki. I, again, used a simple scheme with the lizardman as well as a basic layering technique to give it more of a characterful feel as opposed to a realistic look. Using that basic technique also speeds things up.
With the samurai, I took a little time to add a couple more layers and try to blend them a little bit. I also kept the color scheme simple (two colors), to keep a clean look on the figure (also the reason for the lack of any Japanese patterns on the clothing.)
The samurai is also the first time I've replace a sword blade with one I hammered out myself. I actually used a hammer on an "anvil" (I won't say what I used) and flattened out a small strip of brass rod. The rod was bent into the gentle curve of the katana before I hammered it. After it was flattened, I used some clippers to nip off the end of the katana to give it its correct shape.
I'm always nervous about figures with small swords bending/breaking off with as much handling as my figures get. I did one other katana blade as well as a couple dagger blades on a couple other War Crow figures I have. I'll show those much later whenever they get painted.


  1. I like your Samurai and the sword is excellent... does this mean we have to call you Hitori Hanzo from now on?

  2. "You say konichiwa like we say konichiwa."

    This Hitori needs to go find himself a proper (jeweler's) anvil, now....