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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Confrontation Kelt warrior

Another army I will enjoy repainting is that of my Confrontation Kelt Barbarians. I don't think I have the hang of it yet: One thing I love about Rackham's style is the fantastic detail the add to each figure. Most Confrontation grunts can be used as heroes in armies made by other manufacturers. One thing I detest about Rackham's style is the fantastic detail they put in each mini; The Foundry/three-color style (at least as I use it) doesn't mesh well with large amounts of detail.This figure feels a bit "messy" to me. Too much going on; it's difficult to discern what certain details are. This is also because some details are so small, it's difficult to discern what they are as you paint, so I, and I'm sure some of you, simply guess and add a little color to that ambiguous bump. And since Rackham has gotten rid of its metal Confrontation line, it's difficult to find high-quality pics to use as reference.
Still, this figue is satisfactory. I would proudly use him as a D&D character or army hero. Hey - and the dungeon floor base turned out good, right?


  1. That is beautiful. The multiple coloration is killer!

  2. Thank you! Quick note on the color choice: The character is a fellow who likes to sneak around, hence the gray for moving around in the dark, but he's also a barbarian who likes to slay, hence the red for his passion for blood. The blue on the arm and the shield is a color made by Reaper called Slate. One of my favorite colors in my painting palette, mostly because it works well with most other colors. I wanted a third "trim" color for the figure, but the slate ended up being a third "major" color once I added it to the shield (not in my original plan).