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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rackham Cadwallon rogue

I'm happy to finish this figure; yet another half-painted figure that had sat around for months, and he's finished. I like this figure, and should I ever play a rogue in D&D, I'll be using this figure (unless I find a better one.)
Not too many more half-painted figures left sitting around, though I have plenty of primed figures sitting on the lead mountain.


  1. That is a really characterful miniature.. and nicely painted as well.

  2. Hi, I really like the work your have done here. I am looking for af Rogue/Thief figure for a game of mine. Have you any good sides where to buy figures or are you selling figures you have made ? Thanks in advance.

  3. eBay always seems to have a wealth of Confrontation (though, I haven't checked in a few months.) Noble Knight Games is known to carry oop stuff. But the biggest inventory seems to be at Ludik Bazar in France: