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Saturday, June 27, 2009

I must be feeling better...

...because this has been a productive month for painting. I'm glad all of you were patient during my nasty flu weeks, and I hope this month's posts made up for the lack of May posts.
Lemme tell ya: That flu sucked. But as bad as it was, I'm pretty sure it wasn't swine.

Anyway, I'm taking a breather, surveying the lead mountain for a new vein to mine. Though, I may shirk the mountain for something brand new and try my hand at one or two Wyrd miniatures, perhaps this sorcerer and/or this Death Martial.
In the mean time, I think I'll engage in my monthly routine of clearing everything off my work table; clean and replace. Nothing like a newly-cleaned painting table to inspire some more painting time. After a while, the little dried-out paint flakes start getting in everything; the greenstuff bag gets in the way; I've got metal filings all over (DON'T clean/file your figures over your painting surface like I do- It's a very bad habit, and the metal dust will get into your paint and brushes); I've got unfinished (at least primed) minis starting to congregate on the table; and the water jar already needs another cleaning. I may even go through all my paint jars and clean the dried paint out of the lids... ugh. I better stop before I talk myself out of the cleaning.

P.S. Jeff, I started on your two snake dudes. They're looking good. I also have a few extras from the old-figure shelf for your stash.

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