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Monday, June 1, 2009

Painting session bodes well for Bad Bay Hackers

I'd like to thank the Nates and Chad for having me at their painting session today; I got a great start on the second half of my Bad Bay Hackers Bloodbowl team.
Today, I painted some old GW humans sculpted back in the day by my favorite sculptor, Mark Copplestone! (They are the figures in the foreground except for the female runner.)
You may notice the tremendous size difference among the figures; I prefer it that way to really give the team some comical character. I want some smallish rookies, largish veterans and humongous brutes (I still have an ogre.)
I also like about this team is that five separate miniatures manufacturers are(will be) represented: Games Workshop (old and new), Heresy (the bulk of my larger guys), Impact Minis (a yet unpainted female thrower and some cheerleaders), Superfigs/Four Color Minis (the female runner seen in the center foregournd of the pic), and Copplestone Castings for my coach, which I can't wait to unveil (The most perfect coach ever!)

At this point, I have the bare minimum number of figures to field a team. I do have an ogre, a blitzer and a female thrower yet to paint (as well as the coach, cheerleaders and apothecary.)

Anyway, I'm glad I partook in the painting session; I really battened down with few distractions and got some hard work done oldschool; sodas and paints and tips- and advice-sharing and crude remarks from the fellas as we brushed on.

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