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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

42mm accessories: A lick of courage- Sake!

I returned home a little later than usual, so I only had time to throw together this little sake set. The small table is made from two lengths of flat basswood that were scored to simulate more wood panels. The tray is a piece of card and the sake set itself is made from Sculpey. The saucers started off as little (TINY) balls of Sculpey which were simply pushed down on with the end of a paintbrush handle. The sake bottle started off as a baked rod of Sculpey that I simply carved into the simple shape you see.

I basecoated everything with (all Foundry colors listed here) Red Oxide 102A. The table was finished with a couple drybrushed layers of Peaty Brown 61. The tray was drybrushed with Spearshaft 13A and B. The sake stoneware was finished with a couple layers of Granite 31 (B and C.)

When I make my Japanese house, I will measure the floor out in 2-inch squares (I won't actually mark out the grid.) So things I make for the interior of the house -- such as this sake set -- all will be mounted on their own 2-inch square piece of floor. This way, everything going inside the building will be modular. This is the plan, anyway.

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