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Sunday, January 10, 2010

42mm accessories: Pavises (aka tate?)

Well, I guess if there are no figures to paint, might as well make some more accessories. Here is a small set of pavises I made for my black ashigaru teppo (all two of them I will have for the time being.)
Nothing special- I took a small panel of basswood and scored a seam down the middle, added a couple crossboards on the back and a brace. Paint, base and done.
I based the pavises on 30mm bases so that they could be set next to each other, and be at the same relative height (ground level, that is) of the figures. Along with the pavises, I plan on throwing together an ammo box for my teppo figures.

If you don't have any wood of your own, or no ambition for modeling, Steve Barber sells his own pavises. No samurai army should go without!

After finishing this first group of figures, I think I have confidence enough for another archer. So the red ashigaru archers will also get pavises (as well as a a box of arrows, and maybe a converted ashigaru supplying said arrows?)

Now that I have an idea how much this all costs me, I'm looking toward the future of what I'd like to do. I'm thinking about doing a small battleline (like the Hojo line seen on Steve Barber's site.) But I'm gonna wait and see what new offerings Steve unveils in the coming months.

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