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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Old game stores

Ugh, when I don't have any new minis on the table to paint (oh, I DO have plenty of minis to paint- just nothing new), I dream at night about old game shops I haven't been to in a while. There's the store in Sterling, VA., (I can't remember the name); The Game Parlor in Chantilly, Va., and the most recent dream was about Table Top Games in Kansas City.
They're boring dreams; it's just me in those stores shopping for minis and supplies my own store doesn't carry. And, of course, in my dreams I always have plenty of money and fill up my basket full of minis and paints. Then I wake up with that feeling of, "Ahh, good, I have some new minis." Three seconds later I realize I don't have new minis. Then I go to the internet and buy some new minis.


  1. I sometimes miss the FLGS,not so much for the shopping but for having a hub where gamers could gather and chat and swap stories and exchange hobby ideas/news.

    Sure you can do that on the internet, but most the time, no matter how cool people are, there is that bittersweet realization that you will never have a chance to actually game with them.

  2. If you're ever in Louisville Kentucky check out Petshop Comics... I just bought a bunch of new mini's to add to my to-paint pile. Great selection of mini's and comics.

  3. TTG in Kansas City is great. I was up there Thanksgiving in 2008 and visited. I love all the really wonderfully painted display miniatures!