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Saturday, January 23, 2010

42mm samurai: Ashigaru with naginata

Here's a simple figure; he was was one the easier to paint. I spruced him up a touch by giving him a (scratchbuilt) naginata.

On second look, I think I will go back and touch up the blue sleeves. I gave them a blue ink wash, but forgot to go back in and clean it up. Sorry, you're all stuck with this picture :)

Just three more figures to paint, then I will do some more scenics and accessories.


  1. Are these the first 42mm you've painted? Any unique challenges to the larger scale? (I'm getting ready to paint a few ACW 54mm figures for a friend and I'm a little intimidated by the larger size being used to 15mm and 25/28mm)

  2. I've done 40mm before, but both (40 and 42) are a different kind of challenge from 28s.

    The main thing is you think, "Oh, larger scale means everything will be larger, so easier to paint."

    But what I didn't realize is the larger scale just gives the sculptor more space to add more detail.

    Another minor thing (for me) is being able to keep the paint smooth across large surfaces; I think that's just a matter of not putting the paint on too thick.

    But doing the larger scale is definitely fun, and a bit easier despite the new details. A LOT easier to paint faces, by the way.

  3. Cool, thanks.. I guess I just need to jump in on them!