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Friday, January 29, 2010

Final samurai are getting painted

The last of my unpainted samurai finally got their first coat of paint today. The samurai with the nagimaki here was painted with just a few drybrushed coats of a couple different greens.
In the background, you might notice a 60mm base with some greenstuff on it. The greenstuff has been carved into some paving stones on which I plan to build a small roadside shrine. I've been doing a little research: I can do the shrine, but I'm not sure how to do the torii (Japanese arch.) I can do the torii itself, I'm just not sure how to integrate it with the shrine- put it on the same base? (Not really enough room), Or put it on it's own base? Leave it off completely?


  1. You could always use two small bases, one for each side of the torii, with room for the shrine base in between it. Then you could use them together or separately.

  2. Here's how I did mine:

    I love building terrain for my samurai. You can find some other sammie terrain on my blog.