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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

42mm samurai: Samurai archer

Well, here's the last figure from my first set of Steve Barber samurai figures, at least until the next order comes through, which should be quickly here.
I've added the devil horn helmet crest using green stuff applied directly to the helmet. I've also left the arrow out of his hand, preferring to make the figure look like he has just loosed his arrow; this helped keep the work load down and left the samurai's face a little more viewable (and paintable).

My second order will include four more ashigaru (two with yari, one firing an arquebus and one to whom I will give a naginata)i; another peasant; and one more samurai. This final samurai is charging with a yari, but I'm debating whether to keep the yari or give the samurai a nagimaki.
OK, time to go enjoy my well-earned Klondike bar!

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  1. I haven't commented recently, but I am *really* enjoying your samurai models!