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Sunday, January 17, 2010

42mm samurai: Peasant advancing with yari

I painted this one up a little faster than I should have, but I wanted to get the ball rolling on this batch of samurai. I may order another couple of peasants and do head swaps. I like this one's pose and the other's head; If I get another, I'd have this one carrying a lantern (for my unarmored samurai). I'll look for just the right bead for a lantern, otherwise, I'll just roll one up with some Sculpey.

I've also got a couple ashigaru started, so there should be at least a couple more posts coming up this week. I'll paint this batch in a similar order as the last group (easiest to hardest- peasant to samurai.)

Also, with most of the accessories (that I had planned) done, I can move on to building the house pretty soon. I have plans; I need to tweak them a bit and figure out if I want to (or if I'm even able to) make working sliding doors.

The only other items I had planned are lanterns, a koi pond and a roadside shinto shrine (which I was going to build if I wasn't going to build the small temple.) Things are gettin' done!

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