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Sunday, January 24, 2010

42mm samurai: Ashigaru firing arquebus

My teppo corp is complete! All two of them.
This one is not quite finished, but all I have to do is throw a wash onto the gun and add a bit of scrub bush to the base. I'm also thinking about throwing on some drybrushed weathering on all the samurai, at least on their legs to look like dust thrown up while on the march. I'll give it a try on a couple ashigaru first.

The sword in the ground was made with some hammered brass inserted into a hilt and guard cut from a separate scabbarded sword.

Just two more figures to go. An ashigaru chargin with his yari leveled, and a samurai who I armed with a scratchbuilt nagimaki.


  1. My first visit here. These fellows are just beautiful. Excellent work.

  2. Very nice and I really like that shade of green.:-)