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Friday, January 31, 2014

Akizuki gold

Dags over at Frothers mentioned that my samurai have too much static grass (not enough variety) on their bases, so I decided to get a little practice decking out a base.

This is a 40mm base (by Proxie Models). I used concrete rubble and some foliage (by Gale Force 9,) some tall grass from a manufacturer I can't remember, and some two-part epoxy resin for the little pool of water (which is indeed glossy, but somehow didn't reflect any light in these pics.) The flowers are scrap cuts from a floral stem.

I think the base looks great, though, similar results will be difficult when I have a figure on there; there just won't be this kind of space to work with. I'm also not quite sure what to do with this particular base. Maybe it could be a simply objective marker. I figured since it features a small pool of water, it can be the hiding place of the Akizuki gold (for fans of "The Hidden Fortress.")


  1. Very nice work, love the colors...

  2. Very nice work, but respect for Dags asside, maybe a base should not be that fancy... at a certain point it detracts rather than adds to the figure.

    1. Yeah, the intent here was to go a little overboard to help jumpstart my creative juices for when I base the next figure. With a figure in the way, I don't think I'd be able to cram this much stuff on the base, anyway. This base has six different elements on it, and I plan on doing only three elements with subsequent figures.

      I also went overboard on this base since I didn't plan on putting a figure on it. I just wanted it to be a nice little piece of terrain art :)